About Us

SoftKey Limited provides secure remote management solutions and data-driven digital analytics via the internet that enable our customers take actionable decisions.  We are creating a better world by helping people live comfortably as well as optimizing industrial and business processes.

We are in the business of partnering ambitious enterprises to protect lives and realize the value of their assets by building on our extensive professional experience in mobile communication, supply chain solutions, sensor technology as well as the use of cloud computing to deliver technology-enabled digital services.

We have been working with a wide array of stakeholders in the domain of Mining, Telecommunication, Regulatory bodies, Manufacturers as well as the Oil and Gas industry.  As a result, the solutions and products we can deliver are varied and unlimited.

How We Do It

We collaborate and have partnered with credible and leading equipment manufacturers and digital services providers across the world. This makes it possible to source for innovative products and services that are competitively priced.

Our sourcing strategy aims at developing long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with the suppliers who can offer the best response to our business needs in terms of cost, quality and services

Instant Results

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Our mission is to provide smart and efficient internet of things (IoT) solutions to accelerate digital transformation in our homes and workplaces.



Our vision is to realize the full potential of the internet of things in a connected world that delivers a new era of development, growth and productivity.

Core Values:

Our core values are the basis upon which we make our decisions, strategize and interact with one another internally and externally. We recognize that our business success is founded on a commitment to certain principles that we hold dear to our hearts.


People Matter

The expertise, enthusiasm and thought leadership of our talented people we work with make our successes possible. We therefore respect and encourage our people’s ideas in diversity of our culture.


Customer Satisfaction

SoftKey is committed to making our clients happy because they are the reason for our existence, thus abiding by industry standards for service delivery to make our clients always satisfied. We take ownership for solving our clients’ problems and anticipate new opportunities.

We take customer support and satisfaction very seriously. Any comments or suggestions regarding our various services are always welcome. Please direct any concerns or suggestions to hello@softkeygh.com or call us directly on +233-208-890455


We will always strive to maintain our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity and being accountable for what we do — in all that we do, every day everywhere throughout the year.


Health and Safety

We are a company that puts safety first. We are all accountable for keeping ourselves and our environment safe and for delivering services safely to our clients.



By challenging ourselves to look for new ways to deliver our expertise through innovative solutions, we deliver quality solutions to our customers that enable our clients to realise the value of our work. In so doing, we enjoy the satisfaction and the fun that comes along with it.


Our board supports the highest standard of corporate governance and best practices. We are committed to the principles of integrity, accountability and openness. Our board is primarily responsible for setting our strategic aims, for the leadership and control of the company and for reviewing our system of internal controls.

We have codes of conduct and policies covering several areas relating to our operational and managerial practices.